Training Section

The training section of NDC is headed by DS Coord. He is responsible for the coordination of studies, training and all training tours and visits. He officiates as Secretary NDC during his absence. Administrative Officer (AO) assists him in managing entire logistics associated with organising of all training activities/events. AO officiates as DS Coord during his absence. The training section is actively involved in following functions at NDC:-

(a)    Promulgation of block calendar and weekly training programs.
(b)    Collation, processing and recording of all submissions by course members including a number of feedbacks.
(c)    Procurement and inventory management of goods and services for training purpose through ATG fund.
(d)    Upkeep and maintenance of Kautilya (Lecture hall) and Visitor's Room.
(e)    Coordination and conduct of all training visits and state tours.
(f)     Maintenance of updated database on subject matter experts from a wide range of fields.