Raksha Bhawan

Man Singh Road, New Delhi (India) - 110001
Phones: +91 11 23385523
City Code: 011
Country Code: 0091


NDC has got dedicated pool of accommodation, at two locations namely Raksha Bhawan and Vikram Vihar, earmarked for service officers only. No accommodation is available for allotment to Civil Services officers. All foreign officers sponsored by the Indian government are allotted fully furnished accommodation in Raksha Bhawan.

Details of accommodation allotted can be ascertained from the following officers after the 25th of December:-

AA&QMG Tele: +91 011 23013430 (O)
Tele: +91 011 23385523 (R) | Extn 206
Fax: +91 011 23013429
City Code: 011
Country Code: 0091

Single Accommodation

No single accommodation is available at the College. Indian officers planning to stay in single accommodation, for the entire duration of the Course, are required to make arrangements through their respective service HQs. Details may be intimated to the College on accommodation form for co-ordination.

Married Accommodation

Raksha Bhawan, with 44 flats, is the Residential Complex for the College. NDC is treated as separate 'station' within Delhi for the purpose of married accommodation and has control over Raksha Bhawan and a number of additional flats located at Shankar Vihar. The Secretary allots accommodation in accordance with the laid down procedure. He is also the Station Commander of the NDC for this purpose.

Accommodation allotted by the NDC to the Course Members has to be vacated within ten days of completion of the Course so that maintenance work can be completed before the next Course. Retention of NDC accommodation on any grounds is not permitted. Shifting to alternative accommodation is coordinated with the Chief Administrative Officer by the College.

Accommodation is available for foreign Course Members joining the Course under ITEC / SAP Schemes, at Raksha Bhawan.

Accommodation for other Foreign Course Members

Accommodation for foreign Course Members not covered by the ITEC / SAP schemes is to be arranged by respective embassies in New Delhi.

Casualty/Occurrence Reports

These reports in respect of Course Members will continue to be published by the parent organisation controlling office / previous unit.