1. Introduction.   National Defence College runs a club of ladies named Rakshika with all the fellow members addressed as Rakshikas

2. Membership.  Wives of the Faculty, Staff and Course members automatically become members of the Rakshika Ladies Club the moment their spouses join NDC.  The implements programmes of educational value, entertainment and community service.

3. The Executive Committee.

     (a)  President Rakshika - The Commandant’s wife by virtue of being the first lady of NDC is President of the Ladies’ Club.

     (b)  Secretary Rakshika – Wife of Secretary NDC.

     (c)  Co-opted members - All other FAS-WIVES (Faculty and Staff wives).

     (d)  Coordinator-in-Charge – Wife of Course Senior.     

4. The Rakshika Committee.

      (a)  Editorial Committee Member.

      (b)  Prerna Coordinator

      (c)  Area Coordinator Gp-I (Nav Raksha Bhawan).

      (d)  Area Coordinator Gp-II (Vikram/ Shankar Vihar).

      (e)  Civil Services Coordinator Gp-III

      (f)  Foreign Services Coordinator Gp-IV

      (g)  Beauty Parlour and True Value shop Coordinator.