Rakshika ActivitieS

  •   The month of May is upon us and four months of NDC 58 have gone by in a blur.
      Before we set off for 'phoren' shores, let us take a step back and reminisce about the wonderful journey we've embarked on, so far as Rakshikas 58 .
      After the initial trepidation, settling in and generally learning our way around, we started enjoying everything that came our way. Be it the ice breaker party; trips to Mughal Gardens, Surajkund, Khurja, Akshardham, Lodhi Gardens; the various socials; Alumni Dinner; Ladies Meets; and what have you.

  •   We'll of course be covering these amazing events which have if I may put it in a rather dramatic fashion - altered the course of our destinies, in more detail by and by.
    But for now ladies, pause for a while, savour the moment, dwell on the everlasting bonds of friendship that have been forged, revisit the places you loved in your mind, and of course try not to think about the hair standing on your better half's head when he saw all the shopping you'd indulged in and he saw some zeroes disappear from his bank statement.

  • So ciao for now. Enjoy your day and I'll be back with more. We continue to eagerly await your contributions as well. God speed.

Navy Social 2018

The much awaited Navy social was hosted at the Varuna Naval Officers Mess by our sea faring and white wearing Officers and their bedazzling spouses on May 4th, 2018.
The dress code 'colours of the sea' was totally in keeping with the myriad hues and moods of the mighty seas and oceans that our brave maritime warriors view every day and night, as they keep a constant vigil on India's blue waters.
The ambience, the decor, the mood and the dress code rocked. The photographs taken of the NDC 58 fraternity as they walked in, was such a nice, novel idea. But what really stood out was the personal interest taken by the hosts in watching out for everyone. Their hospitality was unmatched.
Handing out playing cards at practically the entrance itself, only added to the mystique and suspense. The 'Queen of Sheeba' game totally lived upto the hype created. We of course had a very regal looking Mrs Srikant totally revelling in her role as the 'Queen of Sheeba'.
The ladies shimmered in their wonderful 'shades of the sea' and the gentlemen sparkled. Mrs Rekha Singh and Brig H P Ranasinghe of the Sri Lankan Army walked away with the prizes for the best dressed in keeping with the theme.
Everyone enjoyed the live music and danced to the foot tapping numbers. A few of us of course, totally rocked the dance floor and set it afire with some svelte moves.
And as all good things do, this wonderful evening ended too but definitely with the promise of more to follow. Thanks to all our naval ladies for helping in adding another strong link in our chain of memories.

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Travelling the Seven Seas

That eagerly awaited time is upon us and off we are, giving wings to our flight and soaring on the faith that the destinations we visit, bring us the excitement, adventure and unforgettable times as promised. 2018.
As proud spouses and ambassadors of our countries, we look forward to interacting with a cross spectrum of kindred souls, thereby broadening our horizons and enriching our experiences.
Here's wishing the Rakshikas of NDC 58 safe landings and wonderful times. Bon Voyage.

And Back We Are

After an amazing, adventurous, entertaining and most important, enlightening tour of various countries spread across the globe, the Rakshikas of NDC 58 are back to the heat and humidity of New Delhi . The assertion of the world as a global village was strongly reiterated and reinforced during this tour of countries ranging from Mongolia to Mexico, Norway to New Zealand, Uganda to United Kingdom, Chile to Cambodia, Egypt to France. Welcome back dear friends. Here’s to more memorable times together.

Health is Wealth

A camp for mammography was held under the aegis of the Rotary Club Of Delhi Megapolis on July 5th, 2018.
Mammography is the process of using low-energy X-rays to examine the human breast for diagnosis and screening. The goal of mammography is the early detection of breast cancer, typically through detection of characteristic masses.
The times that we live in, changed lifestyles, stress and some other factors do indeed contribute to the dreaded ‘C’ making deep inroads and affecting a lot of average, low risk ladies as well. Prevention as they say is always better than cure and early detection always betters the chances of recovery .....
Keeping the above in mind, the aforesaid camp was organised and 23 ladies in all, underwent a mammography. Mrs Sudha Srikant took the lead in the fruition of this camp.

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Beyond Basic

A brainchild of Mrs Sudha Srikant, Beyond Basics was conceived as a one-stop destination to meet the requirements of all the members of NDC, a cosy nook where they could get a glimpse of indigenous handicrafts available on sale, for home decor and gifting purposes. The products being sold are creations of the immensely gifted and talented wives of Indian defence forces, as part of welfare activities conducted under the aegis of AWWA, AFWAA and NWWA. The products on display included lampshades, coasters, cushion covers, table cloth, ladies suits and duppattas. Beyond Basics is also a corner where the talented spouses of the Course members could display their own products like paintings, embroidered articles etc. The counter was inaugurated in July 2018. The spouses of a few course members of NDC 58 helped in setting it up. Beyond Basics is another milestone for the course members and their families in their undertaken journey during NDC 58.

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

And August Arrives

A new month and hopefully a new commitment to fill our lives with more happiness and positivity ....
After a wet and windy but also hot and humid July, August dawns with the hint of better weather and more good times for the Rakshikas of NDC 58.
A festive month indeed because besides celebrating our 72nd Independence Day this August 15th, we also get to celebrate Nag Panchami, Pateti, Bakri Eid, and Raksha Bandhan.
Also coming up is the much awaited Ladies Meet to be hosted by the Foreign Officers Wives and then the second overseas trip towards the end of the month.
August thus promises to be an action packed month.
So ciao for now. Here’s wishing you all good health and good energy to enjoy the new month to the fullest.

Ladies Meet With a Difference

They came, they saw and they conquered. No we’re not talking about political conquests here but definitely conquests of the heart and soul ....
The Ladies Meet organised by the Foreign Officers Wives came like a whiff of fresh air and swept us off our feet. The conceptualisation, the organisation and the execution of a unique theme which combined the strengths of family ties and eco awareness, made us sit up, take notice and definitely inspired us to do more to strengthen the roots of this special tree of ours .... NDC 58.
Even the dress code was charming ... dressed as we were in the colours of the Indian flag.
Right from asking us to leave our finger prints on the outline of a tree which was later framed for more permanency, to the seating arrangements, to the food and drink, to the various games played, everything was amazing and spoke of the warmth and hard work that had gone in.
An enticing, goose flesh raising opera performance was the icing on the cake.
Mrs Srikant and all ladies enthusiastically participated in all the quizzes and had a wonderful, enlightening time. Mrs Srikant also planted a Ashoka sapling, representative of the current NDC course and which will no doubt in the years to come, flourish and bear fruit.
So cheers and thanks to our friends from overseas who inspite of being in small numbers, put up this exciting and excellent show which had all the right elements of bonhomie, camaraderie and entertainment.

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Style Matters

  • “Staying on the road is more fun than arriving at the destination.” – Anu PD When
    This is what one reads on the website of a famous stylist cum designer, one knows that one is dealing with the unconventional here ....
    Anu P Dhawan, a professional designer and Co-director of A4A, and who has a fashion label 'Anu PD ' which aims at creating a sustainable brand for Versatile Men & Women, conducted a special session for the NDC ladies recently. The aim of the workshop was to showcase :-
    1. Various styling looks beyond the traditional blouse.
    2. Co ordinating the drape with versatile garments and much more.
    The designer, after many years of having observed what it is that women really want, feels committed to affordable versatility and a joyful depiction of style. Her designs can be worn layered or as separates, and are practical with a touch of wearable stylishness.
    Mrs Srikant along with a good number of NDC ladies, attended the event with great enthusiasm. It was interesting to learn about the saree being a multidimensional garment and also how accessorising with say, a collar, a shirt or a belt, could completely change its look and reach. The saree, a traditional Indian garment, could also be converted into western wear.
    The high point was that the models were our very own NDC ladies She requested the ladies inhouse only to don the versatile garments on their sarees, western wear and suits ..to give real life examples of how a simple attire could be turned around into something appropriate for any occasion be it a cocktail evening, dinner party etc.
    As it was an interactive workshop/session, the ladies were only too happy to get some hands on tips and feel totally involved in it all.

The Countdown is on

Hello friends.
It’s been a while since our last post ..
Time has been slipping through our fingers and now the realisation dawns that we have just about 75 days left before NDC 58 becomes a part of the chequered history of the National Defence College ....
The second overseas trip is over too, we’re in the middle of September and the above realisation begins to hang a little heavily on our hearts. Is it time to reflect a little and dwell on some memories, or make the most of the time left and cherish some more memories .... the ball is in our court certainly.
We now have the Rakshika night to look forward to as also all the closing events. More fun, more commitment, more memories.
So here’s to a significant start to the remainder of the time left with us as part of NDC 58. May these 10 odd weeks pass with the same happiness and joy, if not more.
Adios for now.


  • As the oppressive heat of Delhi gives way to pleasant and cooler weather, the change is welcomed with open arms especially since the festive season beckons.
    Keeping that in mind, the CS Ladies of NDC 58 devised a spectacular theme for their Ladies Meet which indeed drove home the fact that the festive season was upon us.
    Flowers and festivities, rangoli and razzmatazz, garba and gusto, soulful songs and scintillating scenes marked the occasion as the CS Ladies invited everyone to celebrate the festival with three ‘Ds’ - Dandiya, Delectable savouries and Dazzling dresses.
    The atmosphere was charged, happiness hung in the air and one felt it the minute one walked in. Pandering to the signature desire of the NDC 58 ladies to take as many photographs as possible, a beautifully decorated photo frame was placed where one could have some beautiful pictures taken. In terms of sheer footfalls, that place may have set new records.
    Melodious songs which one couldn’t have enough of, an amazing spot game which left a lot of ladies feeling very happy, another interesting and meticulously planned rangoli game which really appealed especially to the artistically inclined ladies, an innovative dandiya based round of tambola, prizes and raffle rounds, some garba grooving and everyone was on cloud nine.
    Mrs Srikant gave away the prizes to the winners.
    The evening culminated on a high note also because of the amazing tea laid out.
    Thanks CS Ladies for giving us the time of our lives. The start to the festive season couldn’t have got any better.


The last social for NDC 58 was hosted by the Foreign Officers and their spouses on October 6th, at our very own NDC lawns. The theme ‘Bollywood to Hollywood Red Carpet’ struck a chord with everyone and set minds racing and hearts pounding. Everyone was desirous of being at their glamorous best and be a part of an enticing theme. The excitement was palpable indeed.
The welcome was novel too, posing for pictures with either ‘Hollywood’ or ‘Bollywood’ highlighted on the frame behind. So you take your pick and be a Bollywood badshah or a Hollywood hottie. A lot of us ended up doing both. Why pick and choose when one can have the best of both the worlds. Everyone also had a lot of fun posing beside the cutouts of famous stars from both film industries.
The ambience was scintillating, the decor colourful and the passage of time precious. The ladies were dressed in their gorgeous and resplendent best and the gentlemen looked grand and imposing at the same time. The evening sparkled and shimmered and everyone looked happy and yes, a little nostalgic too.
The music totally rocked and everyone jived and grooved to the desi and videsi foot tapping numbers. It was noticed that there was a definite increase in the number of ‘twinkle toes’ since the last social and yes, I’m saying this with a total ‘tongue in cheek’ demeanour.
Some very interesting awards were given away towards the end of the evening - best dressed officer, best dressed lady, best dancers male and female, and the most prolific WhatsApper. Our very own NDC Oscars.
The evening ended and one could sense the slight reluctance in most of us to let go of this moment. With just about seven weeks to go before the course ends, each one of us wants to hold on a little longer, gather more memories and store them in our little jar of happiness ........
Au Revoir my friends, until the next time.


The Rakshikas of NDC 58 very successfully organised and conducted ‘Kismet Konnexion’, the theme for the evening, on October 26th.
Glitz, glamour, grand .... these three words definitely popped up when thinking about this event. The stars seemed to have descended onto the NDC lawns .... everything looked so beautiful and surreal.
Right from welcoming the officers with boutonnières, to cutting a magnificent cake baked by one of our very own, to the entertainment programme, to the food served, everything was on a happening scale.
The decor was amazing and the feeling of having being transported to a fairyland was very tangible.
Some amazing numbers were sung, both in the national language (classical) and English. The fashion show ‘Walk Through Time’ upped the glamour quotient considerably and had everyone wanting more. Fun, flippant games, flash mob and a taut, entertaining script kept everyone enthralled and enthused.
Mrs Srikant gave away the prizes.
The broad smiles on everybody’s faces were a clear indication of how much of an enjoyable evening it was.
Way to go Rakshikas of NDC 58. Proud of you:


The Rakshikas of NDC 58 besides possessing many admirable traits and talents, are a tech savvy lot as well. Not just content with the end of the course ‘Rakshika’ magazine, the need to inform about topical events in a manner with a wider reach was felt. Under the able guidance of Mrs Srikant, it was decided to breathe some more life into the Rakshika page of the NDC website. With a changed look, more comprehensive write ups and selected photographs, the Rakshika page is definitely worth a look in order to be abreast of the latest developments, events and happenings with regard to the Rakshikas of NDC 58.


So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen
.... the famous number from ‘Sound of Music’ always appealed to the listener but its poignancy was only felt very recently by the Rakshikas of NDC 58 during the farewell Ladies Meet most graciously hosted for them by the permanent staff of NDC.
The mood was indeed a little somber as most of us would have given anything to be able to go back in time and relive those memorable days spent as part of NDC 58 .....
But the warm and sincere welcome put the smiles back on our faces and we were ready to enjoy the delights the evening promised, dressed as we were in the traditional weaves of India.
A foot tapping musical journey, an enlightening talk on weight and calorie management, some fully fun and fantastic games, and we sure were on cloud nine. The warmth and care exuded, enveloped us all and left us wanting more ......
Every single aspect of the meet spoke of the detail and thought that had gone into planning this memorable evening for us, the Rakshikas of NDC 58. A special mention of the amazing tea that was laid out.
Mrs Srikant led the faculty ladies in making this evening a truly memorable one for us and making us feel so special indeed. Her reaching out to us as a friend, philosopher and guide, with her inspiring talk, left many of us with moist eyes. Our sincere gratitude ....
Thank you very much. On behalf of all the Rakshikas, I take this opportunity to convey our sincere and heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of all that you’ve done and continue to do for us.


After a practically unending session of lights, camera and action for almost 11 months, the curtains came down on NDC 58 when they had their final get together recently or rather the ‘shake up’ party as we’d much rather call it 😊.
With just the valedictory ceremony remaining to be held on November 30th, NDC 58 gets ready to take it’s rightful place in the proud annals of the history of the National Defence College.
A wonderful year gone by during which we’ve certainly evolved as human beings. Memorable times which will be cherished till the time we continue to draw breath. Friends and friendships which undoubtedly will endure a lifetime. Experiences and yes, experiments too which have only sought to enrich our lives.
As NDC 58 readies itself to make its way out, one senses a reluctance, a slight dragging of feet, a wary unwillingness to leave this awe inspiring place where life, work, knowledge, growth was celebrated in a kaleidoscope of colour, camaraderie, competition, candour and certainly touched by exquisitely decorative experiences.
This then brings me to two words that I came across recently and which I find very interesting indeed ....
Heimat and Hiraeth

Academic Plaza
Academic Plaza

Juxtaposed between these two words is the true essence of our time spent with the NDC.
I on behalf of the Rakshikas of NDC 58 take this opportunity to thank Mrs Sudha Srikant and all the permanent staff members for having given us the wings to soar, fly higher and aim to touch the skies.
Au Revoir and God Speed.