The NDC mess is one of the prestigious Officer’s Mess of its kind which is maintained on par with any Service Mess and it epitomizes the true spirit of professionalism and regalia of the decorated arms. Located inside NDC premises, it caters for all the course officers on joining NDC wherein, they become members of this mess. The Mess functions during the college working hours from Monday to Friday. In addition to providing daily ‘Lunch & Tea-snacks’ to Faculty / Staff, Course Officers and visiting delegations, the mess also conducts all the high level official functions round the year and is always buzzing with activities. The mess caters to the needs of all member officers and arranges social events. The mess also caters for private parties of the course members / Alumni as per mess rules.

Brief History

        The NDC Mess premises had to undergo many major repairs and renovations over the past fifty years due to structural and functional reasons. The proposal to build the present dining hall after certain demolitions was put up in 1975, when it was envisaged that the number of course members would increase. The approval was accorded in Aug 1978 at an estimated cost of Rs. 9.61 Lakhs. Thereafter, the mess services’ including lunch for course members was shifted from Raksha Bhawan to the present Dining hall inside NDC building. The renovated and well laid out hall can accommodate all student officers and faculty members.


        The Officer’s Mess, managed by the Indian Navy, tickles taste buds with national and international cuisine. Further, the attending VIP dignitaries and participating Foreign Officers are provided hot meals being served daily in the dining hall combining the efficiency of the service with hospitality that is Indian. The NDC mess also facilitates each Foreign Officer to conduct his ‘Country Presentation’ as part of the course curriculum, which includes preparation and serving of cuisine dishes of their parent country. As part of the college routine, a daily lunch is held at the college. It is attended by the Commandant, Faculty, Staff officers, Course Officers and the Guest Speaker. The procedure for the lunch is as follows :-

(a)        Formal Lunch – On occasions when cabinet ministers, Ambassadors of foreign mission in India, Service Chiefs and other dignitaries of high standing are guests, a formal lunch is hosted. During such lunches, all participants follow the Commandant and guests into the dining hall after the pre-lunch drinks/soup and leave the dining hall only after the guest(s) leave.

(b)        Informal Lunch – On all other occasions when guests are present, informal lunch is hosted. During this lunch, members follow the Commandant and guests into the dining hall. However, they may leave at their convenience after finishing their lunch.

(c)        Working Lunch – Working lunches are held whenever there are no guests for lunch. During working lunches, members may have their lunch at their convenience.

Mess Detachment for Incoming / New Course

        A mess detachment functions at Raksha Bhawan / Vikram Vihar for a week at the beginning of each course and provides meals to course members/ families on as required basis. Menu for the duration of detachment is promulgated for information of officers at Raksha Bhawan and Vikram Vihar.

Important College Functions

(a)          Ice Breaking Party - Usually held in the first week of the course calendar to welcome the course members and their spouses.

(b)         Alumni/ Inauguration Day Dinner - It is held to commemorate the Inauguration Day of the college. However, the Alumni/ Inauguration Day Dinner has been advanced to Feb/Mar because April is fairly warm to hold such a major function.

(c)         NDC Cocktails - Towards the end of the course, a cocktail is hosted by the college to express gratitude to the people who have rendered assistance to the college towards conduct of the course. The invitees include all speakers, Ambassadors/ High Commissioners and DAs of the countries who facilitated foreign countries tours.

(d)          Valedictory Function - A Valedictory function followed by PLD and lunch is held on the last day of the course.

(e)          Convocation Lunch - A lunch is hosted for all those attending the event whenever convocation for conferment of M. Phil degree is held at the college.


        The mess has always risen on every single occasion and met the numerous college commitments with finesse and alacrity as desired in this esteemed institution.

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