About Us


         ‘RAKSHIKA’ is an organisation comprising of wives of the Faculty, Staff and Course Members of NDC. In consonance with the objectives of NDC, RAKSHIKA helps in creating the right social environment and opportunities for development of a lasting bond of mutual understanding and friendship between all Members of NDC. This is carried out by way of organising get togethers for various purposes like social work, personality development, education, health awareness etc. RAKSHIKA also organises a number of social welfare activities in co-operation with various welfare organizations.


The Composition of the Rakshika Executive Committee is as follows:

     1.    President (Commandant’s wife)
     2.    Ladies Club Secretary (NDC Secretary’s wife)
           Course Member’s wives
     3.    Coordinators: Group I, Group II, Group Il
     4.    Prerna Coordinator
     5.    E-Rakshika Editors: Editor-in-Chief,
           Group l, Group II, Group III


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