IT and Communication Section

The IT & Communication Section is the hub of the National Defence College which deals with the entire IT infrustructure of the College viz.

Audio Visual Infrastructure of Lecture Hall

     The audio visual infrastructure of NDC auditorium or the lecture hall, has been upgraded with the state of art audio - visual equipment. A 100 delegate Digital Congress Network has been installed. The projection system has the capability of taking four inputs from different sources and can be displayed simultaneously on the screen, apart from this, the projector has a built in server of its own. The audio system comprises of six BOSE speakers powered by BOSE amplifiers. The whole audio system is software driven and can be controlled remotely through LAN. There are six displays in the auditorium which are projected on two plasma screens apart from a big high quality screen of 12' by 7' size, three monitors one each for the SDS Incharge, the speaker and the rostrum. The switching between any of these can be seamlessly done from the control room through software.

Server Room Photo

Air Force Briefing Room

    The audio visual infrastructure of the Air Force Briefing room has also been upgraded with the state of art equipment. The projection system that is used here is the Rear Projection System which is networked and has a built in server. The rear projection system is one of its kind in defence establishments in Delhi. Apart from this a computer, a VCD, 13 delegates with amplifiers and a video camera are also integrated for the video conferencing system with this equipment. The whole system is controlled through a touch panel remotely or through LAN.

Video Conferencing

    National Defence College has put in place a video conferencing equipment with the latest technology. The equipment is capable of connecting six stations simultaneously with one MCU and 10 stations if two MCU are connected in tandem. The control is excersied from a central control station. The facility is being effectively utilised by the course officers for their strategic exercise games. The whole system is integrated with the LAN of NDC.

Info-Tech Centre

    The Info-Tech Centre houses 18 Personal Computers on a Local Area Network (LAN) with associated scanners and network printers. A Document Management System (DMS) with a scanner is also linked to the network. The computers, scanners and printers at the Info-Tech Centre are for use by Course Members for IAG work, presentations and individual thesis work. These computers have the necessary software installed on them.

Internet Browsing Room

    The Internet Room on the First Floor houses 18 PCs connected to a 100 Mbps Internet leased line. Course Members can use the Internet facility to obtain material for various studies or thesis work. Members of families can use the Internet Room only on Saturdays.

Optical Fiber IT Network

    2 KM Optical Fiber Cable has been laid in NDC campus for providing Hi Speed Data Connectivity up to 1 GBPS. OFC is being used to provide back bone connectivity to Internet, Internet( LAN ) and Video conferencing facility inside the campus.

    College has installed Wi-Fi access points with WEP2 configuration and the internet leased line is available for use from any location in the College.

Computer & InfoTech Facilities

    The NDC provides excellent Information Technology based facilities for the Course Members. The basic computer infrastructure consists of a high speed Local Area Network (LAN) and a cluster of server. The College is well equipped with the latest multimedia computers, workstations and printers. Computer terminals at the Computer Centre, Info-Tech Centre and the IAG Rooms are meant for the exclusive use of the Course Members. The entire set up functions under GSO(Systems).


      Issue of Laptops All course members less SFS category course members are issued with one laptop each for the duration of the course.
      Wi Fi zone Wi fi connectivity with WEP2 configuration has been established for access of internet by Course Members from any location within the College campus.
     Internet A 100 Mbps leased line is connected to the college LAN for use by Course Members. Internet provides access to current research material across the world.
      Central Anti Virus Server Central Anti Virus Server has been established in the data centre of the College for provision of virus protection to all connections in the college.
     Library Information System (LIS) The library database contains information on books and selected magazine articles of interest to the Course Members. This system affords a powerful research facility in a variety of ways including subject content of books and keywords of articles. The online database can be accessed from all terminals on LAN.
     Miscellaneous In view of the wide application of computers during the Course, all Course Members are expected to equip themselves with basic computer knowledge, especially Windows, if not already acquired. An annexe of the Computer Centre is also functional in Raksha Bhawan for those Course Members who want to use computers beyond offices hours.