NDC Research center and Library is a nucleus of all the academic activities of this premier strategic studies institute. It provides dynamic and conducive environment to Course Officer’s to understand the perspective of six major study subjects on National Security and Strategy.

         Research Centre has internet hub with good collection of Reference books and reports from Government of India’s ministries and departments.

         The library has about 23000 books and it subscribes to 150 Indian and foreign magazines and journals and also 21 Newspapers including two international editions. The Library is fully automated with user-friendly library services including bio-metric facility for transactions.

         NDC Library is a member of Developing Library Network (DELNET). The DELNET presently has over 4773 member libraries of India out of which 243 libraries are in Delhi. This helps us in access to inter-library loan of books.

         NDC is a member of UGC-INFONET consortium which has provided access to large no of researched e-journals. The library also has huge collection of e-books.

Subscribed Digital Resources

       (a) JSTOR (2077 e-journals)
       (b) Oxford University Press (206 e-journals)
       (c) Taylor and Francis (1173 e-journals)
       (d) Cambridge University Press (244 e- journals)
       (e) Ebrary (78000 e-books)
       (f) Ebsco ECM( 4 lakh e-books to read online)
       (g) Ebsco Search (provide upto 2 lakh e-books for download)

        Research centre publishes three NDC journals in a year with ISSN and is widely read by Senior Defence Officials, Diplomats and Alumni.
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