Evolution Process

Evaluation process

        All the SDSs are the internal examiners and reps from the Madras University are external examiners. A system of continuous assessment by internal examiners is being followed, however Paper III would also be assessed by external examiners. The assessment procedure is as appended below: -


(a)        Paper I (National Security). Continuous assessment would entail submission of 350-500 words  hand written service paper on the subject of study undertaken by the candidates during the course of each IAG/Think Tank, to the respective SDS (through the University Division) as per programme which would be promulgated in the training programme. Thus candidates would be required to submit a total of six service papers during the year, one during each study.


(b)        Paper II (Research Methodology).  The assessment of this paper would be carried out under three headings, namely:-    

(i)         Understanding of research methodology.

(ii)        Use of research methodology in developing the arguments in the Thesis.

(iii)       Effectiveness of research methodology tools employed.


(c)    The written examination will be also be conducted during the course on Research Methodology. Candidates are advised to refer to the Notes on Thesis Writing and other relevant books available in the library and apply these principles whilst planning and writing their thesis.


(d)        Paper III (On Area of Specialisation i.e. Thesis).  The assessment of this paper will be done under four headings, namely:-

(i)         Outline and Hypothesis                                   -  15 Marks

(ii)        Detailed outline.                                              -  15 Marks

(iii)       Presentation of Thesis.                                    -  40 Marks     

(iv)       Interaction with Guide (SDS)                             -  30 Marks      


(e)        The total marks obtained would be converted into grading on the same lines as for thesis. Candidates are advised to stick to the schedule published in the Notes on Thesis writing and in the training programme to ensure continuous assessment.


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