The NDC Library is the hub for all College studies and plays an important role in promoting all academic activities at the institution. It stocks material having relevance to the studies conducted at the College and the theses taken up by the Course Members as part of the syllabus.



     The library is spread over two floors and has the following facilities:-

     1.    Ground Floor
            (a)     Issue Counter.
            (b)     Book Section.
            (c)     Magazine & Newspaper Section (Reading Room).
            (d)     Photocopy Section.
     2.   First Floor
            (a)     Internet Room.
            (b)     Info-Tech Centre.
            (c)     Press-Clipping Section.
            (d)     Thesis, Reports and Pamphlets Section.
            (e)     Reference Section.
            (f )      Audio and Video Sections.
            (g)     Cubicles for Private Study.



Book Section



     The library has over 25000 volumes. Books are stacked in different shelves under the 'Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme'.

Magazine and Newspapers Section

     The library subscribes to about 180 Indian and foreign magazines/journals. The library also receives about 23 newspapers.


Press Clipping Section

     Selected news items, analytical articles and editorials of relevance to the studies, appearing in newspapers, are identified and filed under various subjects in approximately 305 different press-clipping folders. These folders are useful for all studies and thesis work. Important articles from newspapers are also scanned and indexed for viewing on the LAN computers.


     The library operates the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) software. It has a database of all books and all articles of relevance catalogued by title, author and subject. The catalogue is available on all computers in the Library and IAG Rooms. Course Members may use the facility to retrieve information from the library database.

Thesis Section

     Theses written by ex-Course Members of this College are bound, indexed and arranged year-wise. These theses serve as reference material for the Members.


Reports and Pamphlets Sections

     Periodic reports, issued by various Ministries / Departments of the Government of India, as also a number of pamphlets received from other institutions / foreign missions are arranged separately in this section. Statistical data and documentation related to the studies and theses can be found in this collection.

Reference Section

     Publications like encyclopedias, annuals, yearbooks and dictionaries are stocked in the Reference Section shelves on the first floor. There are over 1000 volumes, which are for reference only and are not issued.

Audio and Video Section

     Eminent speakers, specialists, Research Professors on different subjects, Ambassadors of different countries, Ministers and Secretaries to the Government visit the College to deliver lectures during the Course. These lectures, including question-answer sessions, are recorded and a selection of such recorded cassettes is stocked in the Audio Library for two years. Cassette players are available in the audio cubicles where Members can listen to these lectures. One cubicle is fitted with a VCR & DVD Player where Members can view video cassettes/VCDs.

     Audio cubicles are fitted with speakers that relay the lecture-hall proceedings. Course Members who arrive late for lectures are expected to utilise this facility.



     A bibliography for each study is prepared and issued to all Members along with the respective study setting. Bibliography is prepared in three parts: Part I contains a list of books, Part II contains a list of relevant articles from periodicals, Part IlI contains the list of relevent full text articles downloaded from verious internet sites. The bibliography is divided into different sections, according to the subjects assigned to the different IAGs.

Developing Library Network (DELNET)

     The NDC Library is a Member of DELNET. The DELNET presently has as Members from over 1500 libraries, situated both within and outside India. Through DELNET, you can gain access to a large number of databases of books and periodicals of all Member libraries. The DELNET facility is available on all PCs in the Internet Room.

Library & info resource centre

     The College has a well stocked and organised Library and Information Resource Centre (IRC). There are over 25000 books on various subjects related to National Security aspects. These volumes are continuously updated by weeding out old ones and acquiring the latest literature. Other details are given in the succeeding Paras.



     The library is organised on the universal indexing system with the entire data managed on computers. The library receives over 25 newspapers and over 100 magazines/ periodicals, including from a number of foreign countries. Old issues are also available in the library as bound yearly volumes.

     The reference section has over 500 reference books of various categories. Periodic reports published by various government organisations and departments are also available in the library. The library has cubicles for private study by Course Members along with computers.

     The NDC library has an inter-library loan linkage with a number of important libraries in Delhi. These include the following:-

 1.     Indian Council of World Affairs, Sapru House.
  2.     Ministry of Defence Library, South Block.
  3.     Parliament Library, Parliament House.
  4.     Ministry of External Affairs Library, Tilak Marg.
  5.     USI Library, Rao Tula Ram Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi.
  6.     IDSA Library, Block No. 1, Old JNU Complex, New Delhi.
  7.     Ministry of Finance Library.
  8.     Ministry of Commerce Library.
  9.     Institute of Public Administration Library.
10.     JNU Library.

Information Resource Centre (IRC)

     The IRC located within the library provides following facilities:-

1.     Press Clippings.
2.     Thesis.
3.     Audio Visual Library.
4.     Document Management System.
5.     Support for IAG Studies.
6.     Photocopy Centre.


     Press Clippings. Daily news clippings from a number of national and international newspapers are categorised and put into 650 different folders for reference. Each folder contains important news coverage for different subjects/headings for last three years.



Thesis All old theses, categorised subject-wise, are available for reference. From 1996, onwards these are also on a computer data base and can be referred to on screen.

Audio Visual Library All lectures /presentations / discussions conducted at the College are recorded. Audio recordings can be referred to in the audio cubicles. Similarly, video cubicles provide facility to view video recordings / cassettes.

Document Management System It is a powerful tool to not only get references based on numerous parameters and key words, but it also has the scanned documents in data base, which can be viewed or printed as required.


Support for IAG Study For the on-going IAG Study at the College, the following support is provided:-

1.     Bibliography Bibliography is prepared and all required books, references, and periodicals are procured and made available for the study.

2.     Issue of Books/Periodicals All required books/periodicals, required for the study, are issued to the IAG.

3.     Current Study Rack All material which is of reference value for number of Course studies are kept in the current study rack for ready reference.



Photo Copy Centre This centre helps in making requisite number of copies of various documents/papers identified/processed/prepared by the study and distribute them as desired by the concerned IAG/Course Member.



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