A Typical Day at NDC

     A typical day at the NDC is rather difficult to describe. However, the narration here is to give a broad idea of activities that go on at the College.

Forenoon Session

     In the mornings, the IAGs get together in their respective rooms to discuss/take stock of progress of analysis work that is assigned to various teams of the IAGs. The IAG Chairpersons and Coordinating Chairpersons also carry out co-ordination of various activities scheduled for the day.For the lecture, the guest speaker arrives 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time and is received by the Commandant and the SDS, who discuss together the main issues likely to come up during the presentation/lecture. The Course Members in the meantime have a cup of tea and gather in the Lecture Hall.

Lecture/Panel Discussion

     This commences at scheduled time with an introduction by the SDS In-charge. There is a coffee break after an hour for 30 minutes. Then follows the Question and Answer session, wherein the Course Members ask their questions. The talk/panel discussion is concluded with the remarks of the Commandant.



     The Course Members, Faculty and Staff along with the guest speakers all proceed to have working lunch in the College Mess after the question and answer session .The discussions continue even during lunch.

Policy of Confidentiality

     Course members are advised not to quote the guest speakers during any discussions out of the lecture hall.

Afternoon Session

     After the lunch the Course Members  have time to visit the library or the adm office. They may watch news/current affairs programme on TV.

IAG Discussions

     On some days in the afternoons, IAGs have their discussions. These are either open discussions, or with a guest invited for interaction. Alternatively, the IAGs or Groups may visit Ministry or department concerned, JNU or IDSA for interaction. During these times, the members may continue private study or preparation for their theses.

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