The focus of the course curriculum of the National Security and Strategic Studies Course is National Security which covers many dimensions of domestic, regional and international issues.  The curriculum is organised in six studies, each of about five to six weeks duration.  These are as under:-

1.       Socio Political Study.           This study is focused on Socio-Political aspect of domestic influences on the National Security perceptions.

2.       Economy, Science and Technology Study.          This study addresses the issues of Economic Development, Environment, Science and Technology aspects related to National Security.  With economic diplomacy holding the centre stage, all issues are examined in a multinational environment.

3.       International Security Environment.          The study focuses on issues related to International Security Environment as it is evolving in the 21st Century and its impact of India’s international relations.


4.       Study on Global Issues.       In the post cold war era, global/ multilateral co- operation and partnerships have become the current direction for evolution of newer international understandings.  The study focuses on issues related to these aspects.


5.      India’s Strategic Neighbourhood. This study takes a deeper look into various issues – both domestic as well as those having impact on India – of countries who form the arc of strategic neighbourhood of India.

7.      Strategies and Structures for National Security.             This study is the culmination of the course and, in effect, considers in detail the linkages of various dimensions of national security as discussed during the preceding studies.



1.       Research & Scientific Method.                   Meaning of Research – Elements of Science & Scientific Methods – Elements of Social Sciences & Research Methods – Reasoning Process – Objectives of Research – Features of Research – Types of Research – Ethics in Research – Requirements of a Researcher

Research Process & Planning. Process Models - Identification of a Research Problem – Statement of Research problem – Review of Literature – Hypothesis – Data Collection

3.       Research Design & Strategy. Meaning of Research Design – Purpose of Research Design – Features of Research Design – Type of Research Design – Components of Research Design

Review of Literature. The Purpose of Literature Review – Type of Information Sources – Selection of Information Sources – Style & Method for the Literature Review – Organising the Literature Reviewed – Reporting the Literature Reviewed

5.        Hypotheses.  Definition – Sources – Features – Relevance – Type – Formulation – Evaluation

Data CollectionSources of Data – Type of Data – Sampling: Meaning, Purpose and Type – Tools of Data Collection – Pilot Study

7.     Data Analysis.     Data Preparation – Data Distribution – Data Tabulation – Techniques of Data Analysis – Statistical Techniques – Testing of Hypothesis Data Representation

Report Writing. Principles of Report Writing – Research Report Format – Style & Method of Report Writing – Documentation – Usage of Computers in Research – Final Report / Dissertation.



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