Course Curriculum


    The National Security and Strategic Studies Course focuses on National Security along with related domestic, regional and international issues. The curriculum consists of six studies, each of about five to six weeks duration:-

     1.     Socio-Political Study.
     2.     Economy, Science and Technology Study.
     3.     International Security Environment.
     4.     Study on Global Issues.
     5.     India's Strategic Neighbourhood.
     6.     Strategies and Structure for National Security.

Succeeding paragraphs contain a brief outline of each study.


Socio-Political Study


     The study focuses on Socio-Political aspects of domestic influences in shaping National Security perceptions. Some of the issues covered under this study are:-

       1.     India's Cultural Heritage.
       2.     The Indian Constitution.
       3.     Major Religions of India.
       4.     Caste System and its Impact.
       5.     The Civil Services.
       6.     Indian Federalism.
       7.     Electoral System.
       8.     Indian Democracy.
       9.     Judiciary in India.
     10.     National Integration and Secularism.
     11.     Education System.
     12.     Panchayati Raj. (Empowering rural India)
     13.     Police and Law & Order Issues.
     14.     Urbanisation.
     16.     Role of Women.
     17.     Problems of Governance.
     18.     Non-Governmental Organisations.

Economy, Science and Technology Study


     This study examines aspects of Economic Development, Environment, Science and Technological aspects related to National Security. With economic diplomacy holding centre stage, all issues are examined in a globalised environment.

     The major issues covered are:-

       1.     Understa

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