1.     At the College, only open and unclassified material is used for instructions and other work. However, it is desirable for the distribution of the work done, papers written and discussion points expressed by the Course Members, to be kept limited. The work at the College will therefore be treated as 'RESTRICTED'.

2.     Broad guidelines on the security aspects at the College as given in the College Security Orders are to be followed strictly.

Policy of Confidentiality

3.     The College invites a large number of experts, distinguished speakers and other dignitaries to address the course. They are requested to speak candidly and express their views and interact with the Course Members without any inhibition in regard to being specifically quoted either in the College or any where else outside. The College assures all visitors that, should they wish, their presentations are held in strict confidence. All members of the College are bound by this assurance and are expected to respect it in letter and spirit.

Policy of Confidentiality

4.     All Course Members will be issued with College Identity Cards. These will be exchanged with Alumni Identity Card to be issued at the end of the course.

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