Course Administration


     The College Secretary is responsible for the entire administrative support required for various activities of the College. The broad parameters of administrative functioning, which are spelt out indetail, in the standing Orders issued to each Course Members on arrival, are given in the succeeding Paras.



     The College daily routine is from 0900 hours to 1730 hours, five days a week. The College remains closed on Satuday, Sunday & gazetted holidays.


Course Administration


     Dress Regulations in the College are:-

     1.     On the date of commencement and termination of the Course, meeting with the Heads of State or Heads of the Government, Service Chiefs or any other specified occasion:-

           (a)     Civil Service Officers-Lounge Suit and equivalent, Lady Officers-Formal Dress.

           (b)     Service & Police Officers-Uniform.

     2.     On normal working days:-

          (a)     Winter - Shirt and Tie. Jacket, Lounge Suit or Combination may be worn depending on individual
          convenience. No Sweaters are permitted. Ladies are expected to dress up suitably.

          (b)     Summer - Open Collar. Suitable dress for ladies. 

     3.     Dress on special occasions at the College and for tours, will be notified from time to time.  

     4.     Summer dress from 01 April - 31 Oct. Winter dress for balance of duration.  

     5.     Course Members are expected to dress soberly at the College.

Name Tabs


     College Crested Name Tabs will be issued to all. These are expected to be worn on all civil clothes. Foreign Course Members, who do not wear name tabs as part of uniforms, are requested to wear the College Crested Name Tabs along with their uniforms also.


College Tie

1.     In the beginning of the Course, the College Tie will be issued to all Gentlemen Course Members. The College Tie will be worn on the following occasions:-

     (a)     Whenever Service Officers are required to wear the uniform, Civil Services Course Members are to wear the College Tie.

     (b)     As specified for special occasions at the College.

     (c)     As and when directed by the SDS, while on the Study Tours (Domestic/Foreign).

2.     Towards end of the Course, the `Diyaa Tie' will be issued to the Course Members. This tie is indicative of having qualified on the Course.




     Each Course Members is allotted a locker. Lockers are also there for the officers responsible for the technical and administrative support to the Course Members. Officers may use these, appropriately, for communication. All correspondence and issue of training material for the Course Members is carried out through these lockers.


Channel of Communication with the Commandant


     Course Members are at liberty to communicate with the Commandant on any matter of Course curriculum. Any specific requests for leave or formal communications will, however, be processed only through the SDS, designated for the purpose, as follows:-

     1.     Service Officers - SDS of Respective Service.

     2.     Civil Services officers - SDS Civil Services.

     3.     Foreign Course Members - SDS Foreign Services.

     4.     The Secretary will assume responsibility in case of an SDS being away from the College.




     Absence from the College is regulated as under:-

         1.     Attendance is obligatory for all training events, tours, visits & organised social functions.

         2.     Course Members, unable to attend the College due to illness, will ensure that the Secretary is informed as soon as possible.

         3.     No leave will be granted during the Course unless considered absolutely inescapable. Application for leave should be submitted at least four working days prior to the proposed date of commencement to the Secretariat, duly recommended by the SDS concerned.

         4.     Foreign Course Members, desirous of leaving Delhi on leave should obtain written approval of their respective Embassies/High Commissions before submitting the leave application to SDS (FS).

         6.     An absence register is available at the reception in the College. Members desirous of going for short periods or for week-ends should enter their names in this register at least one working day prior to departure.



         The College makes available to the Course Members transport, on payment basis, on requests in advance. College buses are provided for commuting from residences at Raksha Bhawan/Shankar Vihar for which monthly charges are recovered from the Course Members. The charges are compulsory for officers who utilise daily and occasionally on different rates.


    Casualty/Occurance Reports

         These reports in respect of Course Members will continue to be published by the parent organisation controlling office/previous unit.


    Administration for Tours


         All administrative arrangements including air/rail reservations, provision of transport, accommodation, advance of TA/DA are organised by the College.


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