Aim of Study

    With the inauguration and establishment of National Defence College on the 27 April 1960, the highest and most comprehensive form of training, both for the Defence Officers and Civil Officers, in matters connected with higher military strategy and political and economic problems having a bearing on the national security, was introduced in India. Hitherto, the Government of India used to send senior officers of the three services to attend Courses at the Imperial Defence College (now Royal College of Defence Studies), London, where vacancies for them were limited.
     The primary purpose, as envisaged at NDC, was to provide combined training and instructions to the senior officers of the Armed Forces and Civil Services in dealing with wider problems relating country's security. The study was to cover strategic, scientific, industrial, economic and political aspects of defence. It was also to highlight the paramount importance of close inter services cooperation and understanding between the Defence and Civil Officers.
     Along with the study, the College would offer an opportunity to these Service and Civil Officers of getting together and exchanging ideas for a better appreciation of each other's problems, both in peace and in war. The Course would not only cater to the needs of officers holding highly specialised appointments but also provide general education to offer them a wider outlook on a great variety of state's affairs. Such training would, any day, be an additional qualification for officers holding and likely to hold important appointments in the Government.
     The training Course was designed for approximately eleven months and was divided into a series of individual problems for study. This was to be done in a syndicate, whose composition would change with each fresh problem, so that during the Course almost every student would have, at one time or other, worked with every other student. The programme of lectures by guest speakers would play a leading role in the Course at the College; and for this purpose, guest speakers would be carefully selected to include ministers, eminent visitors from abroad, university professors, senior officers of the Armed Forces and Civil Services and leading industrialists.
     The Course Members to be selected, were of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent and officers from the Civil Services and scientists of equal status. The intention was to select only those in the age group of 40-50, who are regarded as potential leaders in their professions.
     Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India, vide their letter No. F. 14(3)/{GS-II) dated 08 November 1976, laid down that whenever suggestions or proposals for any change in the syllabus and functioning of the College come up for consideration, the Defence Secretary would consult the Chiefs of Staff as and when necessary.

Aim and Scope of Course 1985 - 1993

       By this time, the aim and

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