Nature and Scope

     Tours are aimed at giving a first hand feel of ground conditions with regard to the various issues discussed during the Course of relevant studies. These usually follow a "top down" process, with visits and discussions commencing at the highest levels, and going down to junior levels, covering various dimensions of the issues considered.

     The Course is divided into seven integrated groups, each having appropriate representation from all the major groups comprising the Course i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, Civil Services and Foreign Course Members. The tours are normally planned every year, these are covered in the succeeding text.

Socio-Political Tour (SPT)

     This is the first tour of the Course, undertaken as part of the Socio-political study of India. It is of five days duration planned concurrent with the study. It gives an opportunity to participants to visit various states and examine socio-political, cultural and religious aspects, at first hand. Problems of administration, governance and enforcing law and order, at state level and down to village level, can be understood in better perspective. The groups usually call on the Governors, Chief Ministers, senior government officers as well as grass root level officials to understand the challenges faced by them.

Economy, Science and Technology Tour (EST)

     This tour is of one week duration undertaken as part of Economy, Science and Technology Study of India. It is normally scheduled during the later part of study.This tour enables participants to visit both public and private sector industries to get a general feel of the industrial development in the country and apprise them of local view points on various economic and developmental issues. The problems of infrastructure growth, scientific and environmental issues and financial institutions functioning can be well appreciated during this tour. The participants call on Governors, Chief Ministers, Industrial leaders of the states and heads of financial institutions and interact with them on these issues.

Foreign Countries Tour (FCT)

     This tour is of two weeks duration covering two countries, by each of the seven integrated groups of the Course. For the Course Members, it is normally planned to coincide with the completion of Study on International Security Environment. This gives an opportunity to the participants to interact with high ranking officers, both civil and military and visit military, industrial, administrative and financial establishments in the countries visited. The exchange of views helps development of closer understanding and cordial relations with the countries visited. The countries selected for this tour are from among those who have institutions similar to NDC, who send their delegations to us regularly, countries from whom we have had officers attending the NDC Course in the past and also the countries with whom we have interests and linkages in security related fields.

Strategic Neighbourhood Tour (SNT)

     A SNT tour of three days duration to some of the strategic neighbourhood countries is planned normally in the month of September to coincide with the India's Immediate Neighbourhood Study.

Foreign Students Tours (FOST)

     This tour is of one week duration and is for foreign Course Members only. This is planned towards the end of study on Global Issues.They visit premier defence training establishments like the National Defence Academy, Defence Services Staff College, Army War College, Air Force Academy and so on, as also important Research and Development Establishments and Defence Industries. The aim is to give the foreign Course Members an exposure to training facilities of Indian Defence Forces, and also to defence technological capabilities in India.

Frontier Tour/Army Tour

     This tour is to the frontier areas of India for a duration of four days. The Course visits different areas in seven groups to get first hand knowledge of the problems and difficulties faced by the forces deployed and their perceptions of security environment.

Naval Tour

     This is a four days visit to Naval establishments including display of Naval power demonstration at sea. The Course is divided into 8 to 10 smaller groups corresponding to the number of Indian Naval Ships participating within the exercise. These groups spend a day on board the Naval Ships. The tour also includes visits to number of shore establishments.

Air Force Tour

     This tour is undertaken to Air Force Stations of the Indian Air Force by seven groups of the Course. Duration is two to three days where the participants get a first hand feel of operating conditions, potential and limitations of the Air Force. If feasible,a one day visit to Air Force fire power demonstration is organised separately during the later half of the Course.

Local Visits

     A number of local visits are organized for the Course during the year. These include visits to local spots of tourist interest  around Delhi.

Tour Presentations and Reports

     One of the Course Members is designated as the tour co-ordinator of each of the groups proceeding on tours. Apart from many other responsibilities, the tour co-ordinator also co-ordinates a presentation on the tour, as also the submission of a detailed report on the tour within a few days of return from the tour.

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