College Crest



     After a long and exhaustive search, the design of the College Crest was approved by the President of India on 24 May 1965.

     Here, at the College, officers of the three Defence Services and Civil Services upgrade their knowledge from the mechanics of soldiering to the level of conception of ideas in the spheres of military, socio-political, economic and scientific fields. Hence, it became imperative that the crest had to integrate the significance of the efforts of these groups of hard working men and women.

     Keeping this in mind, the lamp, with four flames represents the Army, the Navy, the Air Force and the Civil Services. The National Emblem is at the top. The wreath is of Ashok leaves which are evergreen. The caption, in Sanskrit, has been taken from Hitopadesha or `Book of Amicable Instruction' and means "Wisdom is Strength".

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