Individual Work




   In addition to work undertaken, as part of IAGs, each Course Member is required to carry out the following individual work:-

  1.      Thesis Writing.
  2.      Country Presentation (only for foreign Course Members).
Thesis Writing

     Each Course Member is required to write a thesis, of length not exceeding 10,000 words, on any topic related to National Security. The topic is selected after a mutual interaction between the Course Members and the Faculty and finally allotted by the College. The topics suggested by the College are based on the inputs received from various government departments/ministries to whom the relevant theses are sent at the end of the Course.

Country Presentations

     Each foreign Course Member is required to make a presentation on his parent country for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. This may include a focus on the history, geography, political setup, industry, economy, defence and relations with India. A video clip and a few slides, only if relevant to the presentation could also be projected. Spouses of Course Members also attend such presentations, which are usually followed by tea hosted by the foreign Course Member making the presentation. These presentations are usually held at 1600 h on working days in the College.

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