Research Wing
1.     The aim of Research Wing is to conduct independent specialized research on questions of strategic importance having long term implications for India’s security.

2.     The Research Wing was established in 1999 for carrying out policy oriented research, preferably by NDC graduates of Brigadier/equivalent ranks from the three wings of armed forces. Three research chairs, one each from the Army, Navy and the Air Force have been established for the purpose. Research Wing is headed by a Research Coordinator of the rank of Colonel/ Group Captain/ Captain (IN) with two supporting staff. The Research Coordinator reports to the Secretary, NDC.

3.     The subjects for research and study may be given by the Chiefs of Staff Committee, the three Service Headquarters or by the NDC faculty. The criteria for selection of Research Fellows will be decided by respective Service Headquarters. However, the following guidelines would be applicable: -

       (a)     Preference to be given to NDC alumni.

       (b)     Non-alumni should have academic qualifications or aptitude demonstrated by published papers/articles.

       (c)     Residual service of three to five years.

       (d)     Research Fellows to be detailed in consultation with Commandant NDC.  

4.      The research fellowship is granted for one year for a particular subject.

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