The NDC Library is the hub for all College studies and plays an important role in promoting all academic activities at the institution. It stocks material having relevance to the studies conducted at the College and the theses taken up by the Course Members as part of the syllabus.



     The library is spread over two floors and has the following facilities:-

     1.    Ground Floor
            (a)     Issue Counter.
            (b)     Book Section.
            (c)     Magazine & Newspaper Section (Reading Room).
            (d)     Photocopy Section.
     2.   First Floor
            (a)     Internet Room.
            (b)     Info-Tech Centre.
            (c)     Press-Clipping Section.
            (d)     Thesis, Reports and Pamphlets Section.
            (e)     Reference Section.
            (f )      Audio and Video Sections.
            (g)     Cubicles for Private Study.



Book Section


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